Saturday, 22 December 2012

Welcome to the New Nanny State

The Tories first coined the term “Nanny State” as a criticism of an overprotective and overbearing government that interferes with the personal lives of its citizens. It’s strange then that David Cameron’s government has embarked on an unparalleled scale of monitoring personal activities ever envisioned. 

I'm not sure about you but the type of Nanny I want is one that has money set aside for hard times and is supportive of modern technology even though she doesn't understand it because she trusts you to use it for good. The type of Nanny David Cameron obviously had is one that blames you for your misfortune, checks your internet history to make sure you are looking for job, thinks you may be a terrorist and blocks what she doesn't trust you to see. 

The idea for an automatic pornography block for children is nothing new. Many other countries have toyed with the idea. Australia recently decided that such measures would be too difficult and costly to implement with no guarantee of protecting children. 

Claire Perry MP first raised the issue which lead to a public consultation concluding that parents already have the safeguards they need. “UK Rejects Automatic Porn Filter” the internet cried. No so fast. The Daily Mail has been running a year long campaign to “protect our children from porn” and today crowed that it had won. That’s right all Dave has to do now is flick porn block switch under the desk in Number 10 and all the children will finally be safe. Actually...

While the concept of blocking porn sounds easy in principle, it’s actually very difficult to achieve in reality. The first is what classifies as porn? How nude does someone have to be before you call it porn? Even if you come up with a rating system how to you automatically classify this? 

Websites may contain a wide range of language, pictures and video that may be submitted by users. If you find a nude image posted by a user on a public forum do you add the whole site to the block list? Any user generated site is susceptible to porn uploading. Should Wikipedia and YouTube

On the subject of scanning for porn. Scanning imagery for nudity is massively processor intensive task confined to the likes of Google with their complex algorithms in it’s huge data centres. Even then it’s nowhere near fool proof. Are our ISPs suppose to do this? Even though most basic measures would mean that ISPs would have to make an investment and pass the cost on to everyone. I’m not sure that I want to pay more for my internet so that parents can pass the blame for monitoring their children’s activities off onto BT. 

You would think that when Claire Perry states that the sexualisation of children must be stopped that she would start with sexually suggestive music videos, unrealistic fashion imagery and sexually suggestive clothing all directly marketed at children rather than online pornography which is not. 

The moral of the story is that the Tories neither understand technology nor trust the public. They create systems based on a pessimistic view of humanity. Parents can’t be trusted to monitor and regulate their children on the internet, the unemployed cannot be trusted to find jobs so should be monitored and everyone is potentially a terrorist who should be watched. If you navigate this sea of pessimism using the moral compass of the Daily Mail then you are unlikely to find your way to reasoned shores. I suppose it’s not all bleak though, at the very least one can hope that such a filter will block filth like this, this, this, this, this, this, and this.


Nigel simmons said...

If the two Organisations below are just annual meetings’ to chew the fat’ why doesn’t the UK have one involving the Government ,Media ,Bankers ,Unions and the Public here surely we all know what should be done in and for the UK .
The World Economic Forum (WEF) known as Davos is a Swiss nonprofit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva . The 2014 meeting was held from 22 January to 25 January, with the theme "The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business" First named the "European Management Forum" the foundation is funded by its 1,000 member companies, typically global enterprises with more than five billion dollars in turnover .Attendee’s include 40 heads of state or government, 64 cabinet ministers, 149 leaders from academic institutions and think tanks, 15 religious leaders of different faiths, 11 union leaders and 225 media leaders . Invitation-only annual meetings .
Launching a mission in 2002 Kofi Annan representing The Global Health Initiative , was to engage businesses in public-private partnerships to tackle Health Systems problems .
The Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (also known as the G-20, G20, and Group of Twenty) is a group of finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 major economies: 19 countries plus the European Union, which is represented by the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank . Draghi is there to implement monetary policy for the Euro area in accordance with the guidelines specified and decisions taken by the Governing Council. In so doing, it gives the necessary instructions to the European Central Banks .Bill Gates advises at G20 ,his father has long been involved with the Eugenics group American Eugenics Society ,where did we get the idea of the Liverpool Care Pathway from .
During the late 1990s the foundation, along with the G7 as of then, World Bank, World Trade Organization, and International Monetary Fund, came under heavy criticism by anti-globalization activists who claimed that capitalism and globalization were Increasing Poverty and Destroying the Environment .Both the above are about control of Money ,Social Structure and more Global Integration .

Nigel simmons said...

David Cameron has denied that benefit cuts are plunging people into poverty, saying they actually give people "hope".
Considering Cameron is supposed to be Educated how can you reverse an immoral act by calling it moral . Surely the man must engage his brain before opening his mouth in future .How can he condone Atos deaths ,Poverty .Homelessness ,Food Banks ,Re-allocation through Bedroom Tax ,Benefit Sanctions ,Liverpool Care Pathway and Privatisation of Vital Services and call them Hope .
The number of Suicides caused by these unnecessary so called Austerity Measures are mounting. Cameron is Persecuting the Poorest to appease his Money Masters by clearing the Deficit in favour of a Quality of Life ,this is indefensible .
When Materialism overrides a whole Social Structure to such a destructive state then it is time to either give up Politics and readdress one’s own values or at least tell the truth of why you engage in such Draconian Policies .

Nigel simmons said...

Is Cameron getting his due deserts whilst still in office unlike the smiling assassin Blair .41 Bishops are writing to him regarding his stance on Austerity Measures causing Poverty whilst Cameron Defends them by pontificating about them giving People Hope .
Cameron and Blair show they both have the same lack of morality concerning their ‘quatuor ‘ with Brooks and Murdoch .
It was published in the Media and shown on the News Brooks attending Downing Street each morning at 10 am for her Briefing from Blair .Private Meetings with Blair Associates were more frequently held than Cabinet Meetings ,so where were those still in the Labour Party today when this practice was going on .
Since Libya now has a Government and not Gaddafi’s sole rule Cameron promised Blair he would repress incriminating evidence that Blair and Straw gave up Gaddafi non supporters here for Business Deals .Cameron in return was to have Blair’s backing within Political Circles to be the next PM .
As we know Cameron is no Friend of the UK by his Draconian Reforms Welfare ,Employment ,NHS ,Post Office all of which Blair instigated .The Media are Briefed by Downing Street on different issues so what gets reported is the same Spin we read .Media not controlled Politics not Dirty .

Nigel simmons said...

MPs and Lords are able to vote on legislation, even when they have a direct financial interest. This happened with the Health and Social Care Act, which saw the NHS being forced into a world of an external market .
The legislation was written for industry, by industry and is part of the overall plan for it's demise and the eventual takeover by private health insurance companies .The words of Oliver Letwin and John Redwood in their 1988 publication for the Centre for Policy Studies, 'Britain's Biggest Enterprise.'
Meals are now not prepared and cooked on the premises but contracted in and then Microwaved .
Cleaners are from outside contractors .
Jeremy Hunt’s ‘hospital closure clause’ is dangerously close to becoming law .Video URL below :
The Tory Benefactors and their involvement with the NHS .
Lord Ashcroft - Donations: Lord Ashcroft has donated £112,726.09 to Conservative Central party between 2001/02 and £3,200 to Liam Fox in 2006. Lord Ashcroft has given the party more than £4.3m since 2006. Ashcroft has donated over £10 million to the Tory party according to the BBC.
He has a 34% interest in The Priory Healthcare .
Lord Boswell of Aynho - Has shares in Reckitt Benckiser which produces drugs for the NHS amongst other health institutions.
Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone – Ex Health Secretary . Director of BUPA, the health insurance, private hospital and care group. Chair of Odgers Berndtson - recruitment company providing people for NHS Management positions. Shares in Broomco Ltd, which is a holding company of International Resources Group Ltd, which owns Odgers Berndston .NHS GRAVY TRAIN .Unum the not fit for purpose Insurance Group is behind the Private Health Insurance side . There are many others , you can read the full implications on the website below and then make your mind up .

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