Dan Smith is a democratic socialist and trade unionist. He studied History & Politics at university and currently works in campaigns for an NGO. Dan's areas of interest include radical politics, labour movements, welfare, education and Latin America.

Dan has previously written for the Guardian's Comment is Free, The Morning Star, Tribune, Liberation, Left Foot Forward, Liberal Conspiracy, ePolitix, CubaSi, the Anarchist Daily, Labour List, Next Generation Labour and various trade union journals and newsletters. Dan was voted number 9 in Total Politics' top left-wing blogger category. He has also written for television, stage, film and radio. You can email Dan here

Laura @ Eyes on Power likes to put her politics and philosophy degree to good use by writing on gender issues, fair trade, ethical shopping, and anything else in the news that seems fair game. She is an activist within the Labour Party, and is particularly interested in the history and future of the left of the party. She works in the private sector, and for her sins, is an active trade unionist.

Pete @ Eyes on Power studied politics at university and went on to intern at the House of Commons for a junior minister. Whilst being a Labour Party activist at university he campaigned during a number of elections. Pete is no longer a member or active within the party and works in the private sector in an unrelated field. He was raised by a single parent and grew up on a free range egg farm in Wales moving later to Hull. He has no pets.

Tom @ Eyes on Power has a degree in History and is currently studying for an MA in Modern Slavery Studies. His areas of interest include human rights, labour movements throughout the world, philosophy, linguistics and media discourse. After university Tom intends to work for a human rights NGO.

Ollie @ Eyes on Power completed a history and politics degree at Lancaster University and now works in an unrelated field in the private sector. Interests and specialist topics include education, electoral analysis and 20th century European history

Janis @ Eyes on Power