Sunday, 3 October 2010

Missing Manchester?

Manchester is a wonderful city, and outside the frenzied security island of the Labour Party Conference last week, there was a beautiful city waiting to be discovered.

Here's a few of the sights passed every day walking to and from the Conference venue.

Opponents to the ConDem cuts were also out in Manchester on the European day of action against cuts. It was good to see over 100 people marching against local cuts to Law Centres and Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit.

And of course, who will forget Ed Miliband's inaugural speech as leader of the Labour Party. Worth missing lunch to queue for it? Absolutely. Although we did manage some bloody-mary flavoured crisps, thanks to a random lady in the queue who offered to go in search of food.

Ed made a very good statement about taxing the (super-)rich. Here's a little sculpture I came across that puts the sentiment across nicely.

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