Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Week of Guest Blogs: Labour Leadership Special

The Labour Party has not had an open and democratic leadership debate since 1994, but the current contest is seen as an opportunity for the Party to refresh its message, re-engage with grassroots and reach out to lost voters. Last Wednesday, ballot papers went out to all Labour Party members to cast their vote. But the largest leadership contest this country has ever seen won’t just be decided by Labour Party activists. The process itself involves Labour MPs, MEPs and councillors, grassroots activists, affiliated organisations, socialist societies and trade unions.

The outcome of the leadership contest will determine the future direction of the Labour Party. Will they lurch back to New Labour sectarianism or swing to the left? Either way, this is one of the most important political decisions of our time. Whoever wins could be Prime Minister within a year, or spend years in the political wilderness.

Eyes on Power is dedicating this week to discussing and debating the leadership election. Each day we’ll be looking at a different candidate and hearing from one of their ardent supporters. We won’t be providing analysis ourselves, but hope that it will inspire debate and provide further insight to floating voters. First up tomorrow is Ed Miliband.


Anonymous said...

The five 2010 leadership candidates reek of complicity in past failures of an appalling Labour Government.

Drop them.

The UK wants strident politics on all sides and these Malicious Practitioners aren't worth their weight in salt.


Liza said...


Like you represent the UK - ha!
Wrong blogsite mate, see you at the next GE - after we've won ;-)

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